With Necido going downhill, he told Jarolim. Dočkal is already practicing in Prague

A total of twenty selected names was published by Karel Jarolím before the matches of the Czech national team with Lithuania (preparation, Wednesday 22nd March, Ústí nad Labem) and an important qualification in San Marino (Sunday, March 26th). The representative coach relies on five celebrities, the nominees are Bořek Dočkal and Vladimír Darid. Some of the stalks of the past are missing, for example Nordicbet, Tomáš Necid, who left the Legion of Warsaw.

For the first time Jakub Jankto appeared in the nomination, what is your impression?
” We keep track of him, he’s coming up regularly for Udinese, so we’ve nominated him for the aka. Now he scored a goal and assisted twice in the weekend. I saw his action, he looks good, it’s nice.What he did was very good. “

The nomination is Bořek Dočkal, who moved to China…
” We are in touch with him. Now he is not playing the game at the weekend, he has already arrived in Prague and we are told he is going through an individual preparation. ”

How will he and the future represent him?
” played in Sparta, so of course it was easier. But there are a number of world players, such as the South Americans, playing in Europe, as well as the Japanese and the Koreans. It’s a bit more complicated, but when it’s going to perform well, I would not see a major problem. “

Do not you worry about its sporty form?
” . The training process is good.It is a matter of the games itself, I believe the team will get used to it and will be able to use its qualities. “

In the nomination are five celebrities, do you rely on their current well-being? /> “Slavia plays in the best form. We have one preparatory match (with Lithuania), I would like players to bring a good atmosphere from the club to the national team. “

What do you say at the beginning of the spring of the Czech league? br /> “Unfortunately, I thought it would be better and the choice of players would be wider. But the reality is different. I’m sorry, I believe that Sparta has now reached a step, perhaps it will be for the benefit of the matter and will help Sparta and the representation. “So you think the new coach Petr Rada Sparta kicks?
“I do not want to go into it.I wish Sparta to make the right decisions, put them together as soon as possible, and where to get there from the point of view. ”

Let’s go to the attackers. Why do you take Michael Krmenčík in Pilsen?
“He did not play in the first games in the spring. But for everything that Plzeň produces, it will appear on the playground. Of course it could be better. “

What does Patrik Schick do to you?
” The coach does not use him in Italy, the pitch goes, the uproar hurts, and some of the matches have been decided. It is true that he has not so much from the beginning as if he was going out of the bench. “

How does it look like Tomáš Necid?
” downhill.We start from the state of mind and form of the player. “

Do you think about Tomas Pekhart?
” I admit that not yet, but I’m not saying that it will not change in the future. Now we want to lean on the players who were in the autumn nominations and they are doing quite well. There was not much reason to interfere. “

Are you looking forward to having a cured Vladimir Darid?
” For us, he is an important player. He did not play well at the beginning of spring, but the last matches were better and with a decent result.”

Do you have twenty players, will there be some domination?
” Yes, there will be three players after the end of the weekend . It’s a central player and an extreme defender. “

Are you following Jan Morávka who is coming to Germany?
” Yes. He did not play the last game, he has a health problem before, I’ve seen he’s getting a bit different in his position than he was previously used to. He played more in the attack, now he has a more defensive position in the midfielders. I do not know if it’s his real role. “

What does Paul Kadeřábek look like when he was injured in recent weeks?
” It’s open, fifty to fifty. I still have a week left, maybe he’ll be able to jump into a weekend match.If he did not play, we could find that the club would not want him to relax to get his health done. “(Manager Jaromír Šeterle:” I talked to Pavel last night, he is in the process of gradual training, he wants to attend the event, we have given it time, we will give it to the nominee, we will communicate with the club and how it will be possible for the player to load during the event. “)


Jarolim is betting on the euphoria of Slavia. He does what Biel and Vrb have done

In exaggeration, it can be said that the dressing room in Eden will go out and move to Strahov. Right now Five of the stitches of the stitched squad received a representative invitation from Karel Jarolim, while Michal Frydrych also holds a decent chance of donominating. The bet on the lean leader ePojisteni.cz is definitely the right move – in the past, Michal Bílek was profited from the players of Pilsen and later Pavel Vrba from the Sparta squad.

The riders are on horseback, compared to Sparta and the unconvincing Pilsen have so clearly in the spring. In the nominational nomination this must have been a manifestation, the current form of a fledgling cadre could not be ignored.

Coach Jarolím chose Pavlenka, Zmráala, Sýkora, Barák and Milan Škoda for the next two matches.Maybe there will also be Michal Frydrych if Pavel Kadeřábek can not get together.

The Czech coach does not hide the fact that he is very reliant on the slogan. The hot favorite for the league title now has a great euphoria, the players believe and hold a decent form. Titus reigns with assistance, Skoda stops to score goals, Drowns sprint, Barak burns hard and delivers accurate balloons. And it was Jarolím who was playing with Josef Hušbauer, who has a major influence on the game…

On the other hand, Sparta has only Tomáš Koubek goalie, Pilsen will be represented only by Michael Krmenčík.Both teams are not cool and their players do not have a representative form, the nomination has to be reflected.

Jarolím is betting on the eagerness and euphoria of the club that currently dominates the league and is doing well. He was betting on the same recipe used by his predecessors Michal Bílek and Pavel Vrba.

When Bielk was the worst during the EURO 2012 qualifier, he began to call players from Pilsen who in the autumn 2011 experienced the first Champions League tour. Pilař, Jiráček and Limberský belonged to the great pillars of the national team and contributed significantly to the fact that the representation advanced to the EURO to Poland and to Ukraine and reached the quarterfinals.

Pavel Vrba again during the qualification to EURO 2016 he was calling a player from Sparta who had been successful in the European League.Kadeřábek, Krejčí, Dočkal and Lafata belonged to the basic group, helped to win a heavy group and they all looked at the summer tournament to France.

That they are currently in the festive class makes sense. Maybe their core will help save the current qualifying, and next year they will all fly to the world championship in Russia.

Full info: Boleslav – Sparta 1: 0. Annoyed fans have interrupted the game

Another shot for the flight team. Sparta players lost in the 20th round of the first league in Mladá Boleslav 0: 1 and gave Slavia and Pilsen a chance to increase the lead in the table. Douglas da Silva decided to win the home match and the Central Bohemian team finished the series of nine consecutive games without a victory lasting since October and the Prague defeated for the first time since April 2012. Fourth Boleslav also lowered the loss to the third Sparta to four points. Sparta had to go without the captain Lafata because of the card punishment, which was replaced by Václav Kadlec and was replaced by the Mareček midfielder. The home team also got the best shot, because Chramosta stayed surprisingly only among the substitutes.Club Matějovský could not play due to the club agreement, which is hosting Boleslav just from the Letenský team.

The first half was Boleslav. Valenta shot off Valenta in the 7th minute, but Koubek kept his attempt to hide behind the players. The visiting goal keeper also made a quick response in the 20th minute after Fleišman’s quick start. For a while, just around the corner was just above Da Silva.

Passionate and troublesome Sparta woke up after half an hour and after the duel of Pauschek and Konathem,Additionally, the Côte d’Ivoire midfielder was far from the starting goal, but only two minutes before the break, Fleišman scored in the ideal position instead of the goal. Sparta in the second half instead of Sakka with Čermák sent Vacha and Néstor and the roles turned. The guests took the initiative, but for long the only result was the territorial dominance. So the punishment came. Koubek hesitated on the corner and Da Silva opened the score in the 68th minute.

Home: 68. Da Silva


Šeda – Pauschek, Da Silva, Stronati, Fleišman (C) – Mareš (77. M. Vukadinovič), Valenta (90 + 4 Čmovš) – Jánoš, Železník (61. Koubek – Karavajev, Mazuch, Michal Kadlec, Hybš – Konata, Sáček (46. Vácha), Čermák (46. Albiach), Fabián – Přikryl. Marek (C), V. Kadlec (77. Holzer) – Josef Šural.


Home: Levin, Chramosta, Magera, Chmovs, Vukadinovich

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Ten minutes before the end, Sparta had been complicated by their own fans, and because of the pyrotechnics in their boiler the game was interrupted for about five minutes.The hooligans then sprinkled the fire hose with the hose and the rest of the match was over in the presence of police heavyweight.

After a forced break, Sparta did not do anything, and added another spring defeat. On the third place he lost to Pilsen five and six points to the first Slavia. Both rivals have a match for the good. Thus, the Letenský team has to look for the cup in the fight because the fourth Boleslav and the fifth Zlin on Sparta lose four points.

Key moments of the match