Viktoria Plzeň – FK Jablonec 2:0

Viktoria Pilsen won the last round of the autumn over Jablonec 2: 0 thanks to two goalkeepers Michael Krmenčík and in the first place of the table hibernates with a record lead. The West Bohemians have 46 points hard to believe after sixteen rounds. The 300th match in the highest competition was played by Pilsen Daniel Kolář.

Jablonec wanted to surprise the Czechs with their activities, and to a certain extent they succeeded. He did not miss much, and Stanislav Tecl could have sent Severočeschy to the lead in eight minutes, but only if he did not hit the side net. A moment later, Daniel Kolar came back to the missile, and he lacked the appropriate accuracy. The pressure of Victory grew in anyway, and Kolar had tossed his teeth to Valeš in another tutorial. Just a minute later, however, the home was already home. Kolar challenged Michaela Krmenčík to score a goal with 1: 0.

And Vrb’s superiors stayed at their taste. In a moment, from the ideal distance, Hořava reached out and passed. Within a few minutes, the same player repeated the action and this time stamped the bar. He did not succeed even Kopic, whom Valsh caught up close.

Jablonec knew that with similar performance he would take a debacle from Pilsen and after a change of sides he tried to answer. Kozáčik and Tecla set off the turf with an unpleasant shot and stopped a badly offensive offensive.

The match offered a lot of chances, especially on the Pilsen side. For the development itself, the 80th minute was important and the other goal was Michael Krmenčík. Everything started with Čermák, then Kolář, who stamped the stick and Krmenčík quickly came up with an uncompromising stop. The match was completed, Victory won 2: 0 and became the sovereign ruler of autumn.


Sparta Praha – FK Mladá Boleslav 3:0

Sparta defeated the historic first match, where it co-decided the video, Mlada Boleslav 3: 0 and will spend the winter on the fifth place. Letenští have shown the best performance under the coach Andrea Stramaccioni and Mlada Boleslav have been eliminated in the first half …

For the first time in the Czech highest competition, the video Betclic football bets online was shot and immediately paid for, but later on. Sparta got on without Tomáš Rosický, who stayed on the substitute bench, while Marek Matějovský’s support from the very beginning.

Better was Sparta. The home crowd just suffered a really good save. Václav Kadlec finished off with a sideways pass in the middle of the penalty area. But in another seven minutes, Sparta clicked. Civić sent a shot to the goal of a shot center on the back pole, which stamped the goal and ended in the goal of Jedlička. Unfortunately, the balloon slipped him off and the Betclic young goalkeeper caught him behind the goal line. The whole situation was still checking the video and giving the Spartans the truth.

Sparta did not let herself go mad and she was still active. After a millimeter precision center of Vatajelu, the former assistant of Bolka Ondrej Zahustel Unibet pushed his head and raised to 2: 0. The coaches of Coach Stramaccioni continued to run and the guests literally rolled. After 36 minutes, Vatajelu’s Josef Šural made his way through the middle and nonchalantly Betclic placed the ball out of the keeper’s reach to the pitch. Mladá Boleslav was ripe for a towel.

In the second half the Spartans did not move so far, but they had other opportunities to win a much more significant difference. Boleslav did not manage to do Unibet bets online anything except for the final ten minutes, when they even came in with her goal chances. Tomáš Přikryl got right into two and always went to Dúbravka. At the end, the guests tried at least to lower, but they were not wanted.


SC Freiburg – Hamburger SV 0:0

The match between Freiburg and Hamburg did not recognize the winner. They were closer to three points, however. But for a moment.

Both teams are adjacent to the bottom of the table so there is no need to point out that they both need to score. He first attempted to unravel the grid of Nils Petersen. It has to be said that he did, but unfortunately for Christiano Streich and his confidants only from the side.

Seen as much as seven minutes later, Christian Günter. The 18th minute was the first half of the first half. Filip Kostić from the left side centered, and Schwolow was well-avoided by Aaron Hunt’s attempt. The Freiburgs had more of a balloon in the opening game, but they just managed to get a shot from a greater distance.

The first forty-five minutes ended Jann-Fiete Arp’s imprecise blow after Janik Haberer sent a miserable little home. The same soccer player, following the change of sides, intended to test Christian Mathenia’s attention. And apparently he would have bothered him too, unless Kyriakos Papadopoulos was a sacrificial defense.

53 minutes into the limelight to Yorik Ravet got a blocked bullet, then knocked behind the back of the goalie. He ran to dance to the corner flag to find out that the goal can not be due to the offensive. In the rest of the game, Petersen and Höfler were all worth mentioning. But none of them took a break, so both teams split the points.


1. FSV Mainz 05 – FC Augsburg 1:3

Augsburg managed to win on Mainz. Finnbogason doubled in goal, raising the scoreboard. The match, however, moved not only Finnbogason in the scoreboard, but also Augsburg in the Bundesliga table, as at this point the “cockpit team” is twenty-two points in seventh place and has the same points as Dortmund. For the third Schalke he lags behind just two points. Mainz attributes a second loss in a row and with fifteen points is in thirteenth place, three points from the sixteenth place, which would be a barrage.

In the eighth minute of the match, Mainz could have headed to one of the wings of the wing from the right in the 16th minute, where the De Blasis ball hit the ball. It was Augsburg who had the onset 22 minutes into the match, after a right-side attack resulted in Gregoritsch scoring the 0 – 1 goal after a corner kick that was nicely executed by Zentner Gate. At 31st minute, Augsburg nearly went into the two-goal lead, but Max’s hard shot from the side did not end. 40 minutes into the game, Zentner Gregoritsch was using a chance to take the lead, but Iceland’s Alfred Finnbogason put the ball right into the net. The cabin was then 2: 0 for the guests.

By the second half, De Blasis and Öztunali were replaced by Serdar and Berggreen. 84 minutes into the match, the home side’s Holtmann made it through the home team’s keeper. After 85 minutes, Alfred Finnbogason came in from the right, feinted, then sped past the off-balance defender to make the score 3 – 1, giving the lead.

Finnbogason has eight goals in the fourth place of the Bundesliga scoreboard, behind Lewandowski, Aubameyang and Volland. Next day, Mainz will be presented next week in Leipzig. Augsburg will wait for the next match until next Sunday, when he will welcome Berlin Herth on his pitch.


Jarolim is betting on the euphoria of Slavia. He does what Biel and Vrb have done

In exaggeration, it can be said that the dressing room in Eden will go out and move to Strahov. Right now Five of the stitches of the stitched squad received a representative invitation from Karel Jarolim, while Michal Frydrych also holds a decent chance of donominating. The bet on the lean leader ePojisteni.cz is definitely the right move – in the past, Michal Bílek was profited from the players of Pilsen and later Pavel Vrba from the Sparta squad.

The riders are on horseback, compared to Sparta and the unconvincing Pilsen have so clearly in the spring. In the nominational nomination this must have been a manifestation, the current form of a fledgling cadre could not be ignored.

Coach Jarolím chose Pavlenka, Zmráala, Sýkora, Barák and Milan Škoda for the next two matches.Maybe there will also be Michal Frydrych if Pavel Kadeřábek can not get together.

The Czech coach does not hide the fact that he is very reliant on the slogan. The hot favorite for the league title now has a great euphoria, the players believe and hold a decent form. Titus reigns with assistance, Skoda stops to score goals, Drowns sprint, Barak burns hard and delivers accurate balloons. And it was Jarolím who was playing with Josef Hušbauer, who has a major influence on the game…

On the other hand, Sparta has only Tomáš Koubek goalie, Pilsen will be represented only by Michael Krmenčík.Both teams are not cool and their players do not have a representative form, the nomination has to be reflected.

Jarolím is betting on the eagerness and euphoria of the club that currently dominates the league and is doing well. He was betting on the same recipe used by his predecessors Michal Bílek and Pavel Vrba.

When Bielk was the worst during the EURO 2012 qualifier, he began to call players from Pilsen who in the autumn 2011 experienced the first Champions League tour. Pilař, Jiráček and Limberský belonged to the great pillars of the national team and contributed significantly to the fact that the representation advanced to the EURO to Poland and to Ukraine and reached the quarterfinals.

Pavel Vrba again during the qualification to EURO 2016 he was calling a player from Sparta who had been successful in the European League.Kadeřábek, Krejčí, Dočkal and Lafata belonged to the basic group, helped to win a heavy group and they all looked at the summer tournament to France.

That they are currently in the festive class makes sense. Maybe their core will help save the current qualifying, and next year they will all fly to the world championship in Russia.


Burnley is waiting for the rest of the autumn without Heaton’s first goal

There will not be one of the best goaltenders in the past year on English lawns. Tom Heaton on Wednesday had surgery on his dislocated shoulder, and he rested from football for a long time, several months …

Sean Dyche, after a successful operation, let it be heard that “it will not be weeks, it will be longer”, and the Sun slogan talks about a four-month absence that seems to be the worst case scenario.

Tom Heaton has made the most successful of all Premier League goalkeepers since the beginning of last season (149) and has helped Burnley several times to make points and ultimate rescue. The fatal 31-year-old goalie has become a collision with Ben Meem.

Since his arrival in Burnley in the summer of 2013, Heaton has left 11 eleven league games so Clarets is currently tackling a rather unusual situation. With Manchester United and WBA Anders Lindegaard for a few days, Burnley has been training for a few days.

The Danish goalkeeper would soon – if he dazzled enough to sign a short-term contract – he could get his first chance to show off in the Premier League in October 2015. Clarets’s two-goal goal is currently made by Nick Pope, who has captured Crystal Palace for the remaining 55 minutes without cashing.


When you qualify to play Ball!

Although baseball is notoriously captured like jogging in the Shaped Forms, it is extremely common on the globe. From the Little League to the Major Leagues, baseball is understandable to capture, lottery attractions and branded matches to say. Read on to find out about the latest sporty sport.

Row drives instead of home rows increase the average. So it adds more advantage to the uncertainty of getting an impeccable hit. Usually you will fall into the air. Also pop flies are easy to catch.


If you win in the air, and hit the ground is hit, always go in his style. Do not start there and move until the ball comes to you. He will support the last to make the more potent ways to achieve the dough as well as your layout will judge it. Moves the present plus to the grandparents.

You need to learn a harmonious skin care system and guide if you are a pitcher. The middle finger needs to exist on the seam. Then place your thumb on the other seam. He therefore recognizes the bat of the most accurate distance and energy with absolute innovation.

Always skip the preliminary substance, even if you believe you have reached. You never know what you can do with a fielder; He can drop a ball or send it back. Acting as early as theoretical, there can be an acceptable achievement of a basic hit you did not expect.

In the event of a failure in the baseball, hold the helmets on the butterflies. The same puts the skull through the finite hour. The best helmets have shields that also protect your face.

Always warm up before the game. Baseball probably does not look natural only when future sports, but you still do a lot of movement in which you will take part. The truth is, crazy about the underlying paths without the pronounced warmth that leads to the writing of muscles while the configurations are definitely far worthy.

Before arriving at the beard of a new jug, get some swing exercises, as he meets another cake. Use the term to measure the time of defeat. The same is entrusted with more hope to present the group to the gloom in front of the jug. In an unusual situation, you can be especially eagerly distanced.

Choose a simple bat. Choose one that does not exist because of you too serious. Young people should go through more natural bats. It is seldom seen that a bat swing man exists “excessively mild” because there is a trap called the “soul” to make bats calm down. Therefore, it is associated with attaching hands per inch or two to the bat.

Learn how to properly store a bat. If you are right-handed, your left hand has to look at the bottom and be called on the mass. Bats should reach about 6 inches from the chest. Keep the whip instead of the wings. Spread legs with shoulder width. Not a guest naturally. Stay with your knees slightly bent to escape stiffness.

Now you understand why baseball exists naturally on a complete globe. Regardless of the present, whether you prefer to live in baseball or live in the countryside, it is important to recognize the idea of ​​sport. In this essay we have given some open sciences, also baseball performance, so let’s also pretend to ball (or follow low)!